MACO-sys, LLC Announcement - September 1, 2016

Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric has made the decision to sell its MACO business.  This includes the MACO activity for both Product sales and Project/Solution sales.  Although MACO remains a highly viable and a high demand product for the plastic machinery marketplace, this offer is no longer significantly aligned with Eurotherm’s global value proposition to its customers.

With this change Eurotherm’s involvement in the plastic injection molding and plastic blow molding marketplace will be minimized.  The MACO products and expertise for these applications will be transferring to a new entity.  However, please note that Eurotherm will continue to promote and sell its products into the plastic extrusion marketplace.


The MACO business will transfer to MACO-SYS, LLC via a management purchase led by Dave Spahr.  The effective date for this transfer is September 1, 2016.  Dave Spahr has been employed by Eurotherm Schneider Electric (formerly Invensys) for 35 years, and during his tenure, has held many key leadership roles within the MACO business, including Global Business Development, Engineering Leader, and Operations Manager.

Under Dave’s leadership, Eurotherm believes that the transfer of the MACO business and a number of our talented employees to MACO-sys, LLC will enable greater global focus, innovation, and growth opportunities for MACO. It is truly believed that MACO continues to have a viable value proposition towards the plastics industry marketplace with its best-in-class control algorithms and dependable product offer. Unlike Eurotherm, MACO-sys, LLC, as a standalone business, will be uniquely enabled and highly focused on the success of MACO’s current and future offers.

Eurotherm is committed to the success of this transfer of business, and for the short term is remaining highly engaged with MACO-sys, LLC in order to insure day-to-day operations and business continuity.

·       MACO product manufacturing is secured via a transition services agreement with Eurotherm.

·       Our transition services agreement provides for seamless transition of resource, workspace, communication needs and other basic business operations.

·       The core of Eurotherm MACO talent and expertise is transferring to MACO-sys, LLC.

·       Development activities will continue to progress as MACO-sys, LLC works toward a release of the next generation MACO offer.

·       Eurotherm will retain MACO Project warranties, typically 12 months, but will be supported by MACO-sys LLC as necessary.

·       MACO-sys, LLC will assume responsibility for MACO’s 3 year product warranty.

All purchase orders for MACO Products or MACO Projects will need to be placed with MACO-sys, LLC as of September 1, 2016.

Effective September 1, 2016 MACO-sys, LLC can be contacted per the information below:


4317 Maray Drive

Rockford, IL 61107

(779) 888-3263

(779) 888-3256