MACO® Compact Retrofit

Designed for All Injection Molding Machines

MACO-sys will install a new control system on your machine to replace the existing out-dated controls you now have.

A MACO® Control retrofit pays off

Less cost for spare parts – long term reliability

After upgrading your machine to the MACO Compact, you can enjoy improved availability and reliability of components (3 year warranty on control hardware), reduce the risk of machine downtime, improve machine performance, and have the latest in state of the art processing features.

MACO Compact Machine Control

The MACO Compact retrofit package is the answer to providing molders with a very cost competitive solution to improved machine and processing control without the cost of total machine replacement. MACO Compact for Injection is an expandable system, available with different options to meet end-user application requirements regardless of machine make or model. And, at a price that provides the best ROI.

High performance ethernet communications can be provided for interfacing with the HMI or other devices. The controller also features built-in diagnostic and process monitoring for multiple shot monitoring, shot to shot data storage, “reference/signature” shot and “snap-shot” functions. Additionally, online RLD diagnostics allow troubleshooting logic and machine operation with web browsing capability via the internet, improving processing capabilities and performance.

The basic retrofitting package includes the following;

  • Exchange of the complete control system
  • Installation of the operator terminal and controller
  • Implementation of the standard machine program screens