Retrofit kits for machines with MACO 8000 controls, SCI, Siemens controls

The Basic Retrofitting package includes the following:

  • Exchange of the complete control system.
  • Installation of the operator terminal and controller.
  • Implementation of the standard machine program and screens.

Less cost for spare parts – long term reliability

  • Long-term availability of all components
  • Reduce the risk of machine downtime
  • Improve machine performance
  • Latest in state of the art processing features.

MACO Compact machine control for the Plastics industry

As a packaged control system, the MACO Compact for HT provides very cost competitive application specific, programmable logic control with the advantages of integrated, total machine control.

It is an expandable system, available with different options to meet end-user application requirements. Ethernet communications provide a seamless connection to plant wide systems. High performance ethernet communications can be provided for interfacing with the HMI or other devices. The controller can also feature built-in diagnostic and process monitoring for multiple shot monitoring, shot to shot repeatability data storage, 'reference/signature' shot and 'snapshot' functions. Additionally, online RLD diagnosticsallow troubleshooting logic and machine operation with web browsing capability via the internet, improving processing capabilities and performance.


The MACO Compact supports either open or closed loop (IMPACT II) injection process control.

How it works: run the machine for a few cycles, and IMPACT II creates a theoretical model of the process. It uses this model along with hundreds of rules to automatically optimize the process to compensate for short and long term deviations in the injection molding process. Injection control features velocity- or pressure-controlled fill with ramping for up to 10 steps. Transfer mode is user selectable and there are multiple steps of pack and hold, as well as synchronized back pressure and RPM control of up to 10 steps. A vast improvement in processing for any molder.

Reasons for Upgrading:

  • Better Control
  • Tightly integrated multiple processor architecture
  • Built-in diagnostics and process monitoring
  • 16 bit analog I/O
  • High performance Ethernet communications
  • Patented and proven (IMPACT II) closed loop process control
  • 24Vdc powered
  • Fast Start up
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Consistent part density
  • State of the art technology to high speed updates (< 1.0 Millisecond)
  • Three year warranty on control hardware
  • Support of existing functions and additional equipment
  • Large color touch screen with integrated push button
  • Storage of process and mold data on USB memory stick via easy front access port
  • Improved process statistics with enhanced trending
  • Improved closed loop process control functions
  • Multi-lingual screens